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Propose Proposal Paper / Paperwork

  • Head of Consultant should submit a proposal paper / paperwork to us (at least 1 week after the project validation is made)
  • Once, we have received the proposal paper from the Head of Consultant, approval and consent will be informed through:-
    1. Meeting
    2. Phone call or email conversation

Appointment Letter

  • Appointment Letter to appoint is as Fund Manager to any of Consultant Project, should be issued by the Client (at least 5 working days from the date the project validation is made)
  • The appointment letter to the Head of Consultant and his/her members in consultation group will be issued by us.
  • (1 days after receipt of letter of appointment fund from agency to UECSB)

Quotation And Invoice Of Consultation Project

  • Quotation and Invoice will be issued by us within 2 days
  • The quotation and Invoice will be send to client for further action.

Project Consultation Agreement

  • We will provide an agreement documents (Memorandum of Understanding-MOU) and its must be signed by each of party involved(UTRACY/ Members of Group Consultation/Clients)* the agreement is subject to project’s needs and client’s requirements
  • Original of agreement must be send to client as project funders while one copy of agreement to Members of Group Consultation and one copy for us.

Final Report Of Consultation Project

  • The Head of Consultant or any one of his/her group members should submit the final report for the consultation project to us and client.
  • Submission period : At least 1 week after the project ends.